Puerto Varas- Patagonia, Chile

Hi Folks
I'm very excited about planning a one week and/ or
two weeks fly fishing trip to a new location in Patagonia
*Many activities for the non-fishers
should the spouse or significant other want to join you.

The Tres Rios Lodge in Puerto Varas is beautiful.
The accommodations are fantastic.
Meal menus are diverse, & offer special diet plans.
We will fish many different waters.

*Different packages offered that allow for travel may need different time to be at lodge
Check out the links below!

This lodge is laid back, not as ridged (as others) regarding the clock.
We can start fishing as early as we want. We can fish longer and dine later.

Level of experience is not an issue.
I teach fly fishing & help those who need instruction.
Booking the first two weeks in February.
Some of you may only want to go for a week & that’s great!
You should send this your friends. They may want to go.

Please do not procrastinate, we ran out of spaces quickly last year, so text, call, or email      413-583-5141 


"Let me help with booking lodge, & flight"

Have a valid passport  *  No shots necessary  * 
No need for money exchange

*LATAM Air has direct flights SANTIAGO
 Go thru customs & on to PUERTO MONTT (final stop)

American and Delta both offer flights to Santiago

   Pricing is based on roundtrip tickets
 From US to Puerto Montt approx 1129.00 ( Prices change every day )
  If you have “flier miles” It would cost less to Santiago
Flight cost from Santiago to Puerto Montt approx 156.00

From US: On East Coast;  Best to fly out of JFK or Miami to Santiago.
 At entry, clear customs, (duty free shops allow you to purchase your favorite beverages)
then re-check luggage, & fly to Puerto Montt. Flight’s approximately 1 hr 40 min
When you arrive in Puerto Montt, the lodge manager,
or driver, will be waiting for you at terminal. You will NOT be waiting for them.
The drive to the lodge, in Puerto Varas is approx.1 hr. 20 min.

Have your camera ready!
You’ll be surrounded by the Andes Mountains

At arrival to Tres Rios Lodge

Pisco Sours (OH, YES!!!) & appetizers will be waiting.

"We do not charge for arrival & departure days if time does not permit fishing.
Therefore our 6/7 package is comparable to what some call 8/7."
Deposits & Payments

Half down at time of booking Final balance due 30 days before trip
Payments to be made with personal, cashiers, Bank checks, or Wire Transfers - Sorry, no credit cards

TIPS; Suggesting no less than 10% of original Price
“Tipping’s a personal choice & reflected by service one received”.
Please pay in US dollars, for tips & souvenirs purchased at lodge. 

Cancellation Policy
 Refunds are as follows. 

cancellations more than 90 days in advance - 100% refund
·  cancellations 60-90 days in advance - 75% refund of program costs
·  cancellations 30-59 days in advance - 50% refund of program costs
·  cancellations 30 days in advance - 0% refund of program costs
·  In practice if I can fill the dates I will refund all advance payment. 

*We always recommend Travel/Medical Insurance however read the fine print. 

IN CASE OF LAY-OVERS (Coming & Going)

List of equipment, supplies, & flies for trip to Chile

40 lbs per bag/2 bags/pp & one carry-on
*Confirm this; flight info on baggage may have changed
2 - 3 Rods;    9 ft- 4, 5, 6 wt  *  7/8 wt rods for salmon
w/ Floating line and sink tip or full sinking for lake fishing or high water conditions.
Breathable waders & felt bottom boots (no problem with felt)
Vest (with all your tools)
Leader : 9ft 2x, 3x, & 4x Tippet : 3x,4x,5x
floatant, split shot or tin shot, indicators
Hat with brim, Polarized glasses (amber is best)
6 Dozen flies or more( Barbless Hooks when using them, PLEASE)
All fish released unharmed
Walking Stick, Net (guides carry nets but its good to have one) packable Raincoat
Bug spray (100% Deet) Pump is best
(NO bug should not be an issues this time of year, but better to have).
Sun screen - 45 to 100 SPF - BUFF (protects face & neck)
(Ozone layer is thinner in Chile, be safe) SPF is important
Sun gloves & Fleece gloves, 2 - 4 long sleeve shirts, (SFP recommended)
2 - 4 pairs of pants(light material) (SPF recommended)
Underwear for up to 2 weeks
1 to 2 Layers of warm clothes (just in case) (Fleece is best)
Very Important--Earth tones for clothing so you don't spook fish
Personal toiletries
Camera and extra batteries/charger
You must have an adapter that converts 220 to 110 for hairdryer, chargers,& computer.
There is no phone signal BUT there may be WIFI 

List of flies to bring

Dries, Nymphs, Streamers

DRAGONFLIES, size 4,6,8... - A Must! 
Chernobyl Ant, size 4,6,8... A MUST!
Dave's Hoppers and Parachute, sizes 6 - 12
Mouse patterns, A Must!
Madam X sizes 8 - 10
Stimulators, brown, black, rust, yellow, olive size 14 - 10 A MUST!
with and without rubber legs
Caddis, tan, amber and brown size - 6 - 8 A MUST!
Any kind of Streamer, & Buggers, A MUST!
Tungsten bead head
black, olive, tan, white, gold, silver, pink, crystal buggers 6 - 10
Monster Beetles, size 4 – 8   *   Bozo Chernobyls, sizes 4 - 8
Parachute Adams, sizes 6  *  March Brown size 6  *  Royal Wulff, sizes 6
Jailbirds, size 14 -12
San Juan Worms, pink, brown, red  - Size 12 – 14