Booking your fly fishing lesson
Info on what clients need to know

Lessons are $195.00/pp
Ages 13 and older

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Lesson is from 7 to 4pm
The lesson includes the following;

  • Breakfast
  • Equipment/Supply knowledge
  • Tactical use of  supplies  
  • Reading the water/finding fish
  • What trout need
  • The Hatch/Fly Selection                                                        
  • River Etiquette
  • Casting 
  • Line Control
  • Fishing                                             

Limited on Waders & Boots - N/C
Please check with me on sizes needed.
All Rods & Reels & all Supplies included.

Digital pictures taken for your enjoyment.

I’ll need shoe sizes, including half sizes, I’ll need from both, height, pants waist measurement and inseam, from men, dress size for women, for outfitting you with waders, and boots. We’ll meet for breakfast at a designated location based on where you live and the location of the river.

I've mentioned the lesson is from 7 to 4pm  however, don’t make plans to leave at 4:00pm or 5:00pm.  I usually go over that time.

River water is typically cold. One or two long pair(s) of good heavy-weight, wicking, insulating socks are necessary. If you don’t have them, I can outfit you.

NO SHORTS!  Insulating/Fleece pants best. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR COTTON!

Please bring your bag lunch & raincoat. If you have reading glasses, you should bring those, as well as a hat with a brim, polarized glasses w/ brown or amber lens.
Regular sun glasses are not the same. I can outfit you with the
the polarized glasses and hats, should you need them.

My book, Positive Fly Fishing is my lesson. You can get it through me, Amazon or Kindle. (Kindle sucks) IF you read it before we meet, you’ll spend less time in the classroom and A LOT more time on the water. NO PRESSURE. The book is $15.00 + 3.00 to mail.  99% of my students were happy they did this. There’s so much info we can by-pass and you would have it for reference afterward. Should you decide to read the book prior, please let me know, so I may put that info down and plan accordingly.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to touch base.

                                              I am only booking days in May, June, and July.

Please get to me quickly with the date you want.

2 Day Private Lessons    
$420.00 /per person
Age 13 - 80
7:00AM TO 4:00PM /ea. day
Breakfast, Lunch,
Limited on Waders & Boots - N/C
Rods & Reels, Supplies always included
DAY #1  
7:00am start with coffee and goodies
*Equipment/Supply knowledge  
*Use of supplies
 *Reading water 
*Body Language of Trout
*The Hatch/Fly Selection
*The Knots*River Etiquette 
**If you read my book prior to course we
do away with most of the classroom time
and hit the water sooner....No Pressure
Lunch Time    
On the water : 
Casting, Line Control, Presentation

                                                         OFF THE WATER AT 4:00PM
DAY #2 
7:00am start with coffee and goodies
All Day on the Water
You will rig your rods
(hope you practice your knots the night before)
get your waders on and we head for the river.
We will continue where we left off 
(If need be) casting, line control, presentation and fishing
                                                         OFF THE WATER AT 4:00PM

     Does not include;   Fishing license, Tips, & Lodging