Friday, May 18, 2018

Hatch Report

UPDATED  4/28/2018                                


Water Level: Approx  432 cfs     Farmy & Still combined
Temp: 50
Clarity: CLEAR
In My Opinion;
If you over play a fish, whether the water is too cold or too warm you will the over stress the fish and the fish will die. If you hold the fish by the lip or gills, the fish will die. If you hold the fish out of water by hand, or net, while un-hooking fish remember that a barbless hook will speed things up, if left in the net, in the water, typically when the tension is off the hook the hook will come out on it's own. If you need the forceps to remove the hook, leave fish in the net, IN THE WATER, locate the hook first, then gently, lift fish and remove hook. DO NOT TWIST HOOK, and if swallowed deep, cut the tippet close to the mouth and let the fish go. The fly is not as important as the well-being of the fish.




Blue-Winged Olives are Hatching!

(Baetis Vagans) sz- 24 - 28 (Psedocleon) sz 20 - 22

(Ephemerella Drunella's) sz - 18 - 28

Best Time to Fish: Early morning and Mid/Late day

Best Flies to Use: BWO CDC Emerger, Jailbirds©, Mahogany Blair's Emerger, BWO Parachutes, Pheasant-Tail Nymphs, BWO CDC, Brown Para-Emerger, BWO Comparaduns, Olive and Rusty Spinner





( Ephemerella Subvaria)
Sz - 14 - 10
Best time to fish: 2:00 - Dusk
Best Flies to Use: Pheasant Tail Nymph, Copper John,
Mahogany Blair's Emerger, Hendrickson Emerger,
Red Quill, Hendrickson Thorax, Hendrickson Parachute,
Hendrickson Dun, Light Hendrickson, Hendrickson CDC,
Rusty Spinner, Rusty Spinner w/ yellow egg sac 


MAHOGANY DUN'S  are HATCHING!                                               
(Paraleptophlebia Adoptiva) AKA BLUE QUILLS
Sz - 18
Best Time to Fish: 4:00 - Dusk
Best Flies to Use: Pheasant Tail Nymph,
Copper John, Mahogany Blair's Emerger, 
Blue Quill Parachute Emerger, Mahogany Dun
Cripple, Mahogany Dun CDC, Mahogany Dun Parachute,
Rusty Spinner    

Quill Gordon's are HATCHING!
(Epeorus Pleuralis)
Sz - 14 - 16
Best Time to Fish: Noon - Dusk
Best Flies to Use: Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph, 
Copper John, Mahogany Blair's Emerger,
Quill Gordon Parachute Emerger, Quill Gordon Cripple,
Ginger Quill, Quill Gordon CDC, Quill Gordon Parachute,
Dark Olive Parachute, Light Hendrickson, Rusty Spinner


CADDIS are  Hatching!                                                                   

Black, Tan, Olive/Green, Brown, Zebra, Grey, October
Sz  24 - 12
Best Time to Fish: Anytime
Best Flies to Use: Elk/Deer Hair Caddis, Hi-Viz Caddis, CDC Caddis, Caddis Larva, Caddis Parachute Pupa, Klinkhammer, Caddis CDC Pupa, Foam Caddis, Brassie, Sparkle Pupa,
Henryville Special, October Caddis, AuSable Caddis, Rock-Worm Caddis, Glass-Bead Larva,
Alder Fly Pupa.