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Water Conditions for MA & CT

Deerfield River Dam Release Info
Be aware the flow on the Deerfield change at anytime
No matter what the recording says.

Read about my new schedule and lifestyle changes

Here is the information on our lifestyle change and how it will effect my fly fishing business.  First of all   I AM NOT RETIRING!!!!! 

Tony got laid off from Mass Mutual February, 2016 
As a result, he has retired earlier then he wanted to and with that, it
changes our financial situation. 
We talked about down-sizing, yada yada yada.
Our dear friends, Roy and Diane Swartz, have a trailer at the same park. Tony and Roy fish quite a bit together. We all get together, holidays, hanging with them and the Patlin’s, Rifchin’s, and Grenier’s and it’s always a blast!
One night, while Tony is hanging out the Swartz’s trailer, Roy announced that he and Diane bought a place in Florida.  They had been looking for a while.
They found a great place, overlooking the water, in an over 55 Co-op community, resident owned, double-wide that allows cats!, on the Gulf and they’ll snowbird between there and the Cape.  TERRIFIC!
Tony comes home and tells me the story.  I’m thinking, how cool is that, I’m so happy for them…and it sounds so great and…….wait for it…….
……..Tony wants to do the same thing…..Do what?
“move to Florida”................................................UGH!!!
Of all the places I would want to live, Florida would be the LAST!
He explains, we can live in the same general area as the Swartz’s.
On the Florida Gulf...Palmetto, Bradenton, Ellenton...around that area.
Look at Resident-owned, over 55 Co-op communities that have double wide mobile homes, storage for boat/camper-trailer, and allows pets
(we have Moses the wonder kitty).
We’ll live at the Cape, at our trailer (We've had it for 7 years) on Peters Pond, in Sandwich, from Mid- April thru Mid October and the balance of the time in Florida.
The taxes are almost nothing and it's so cheap to live there.

After telling me that this is what he would like to do….I get the address where our friends bought in, and went to the computer to check it out. What I saw, made my tummy ball up and my heart dropped.  Covering the majority of the computer screen, I saw a “sea of white”…and a sign above that says “SHUFFLEBOARD.” 
One thing’s for certain, IF I’m ever invited to be in one of those group shots, it will look like a sea of white with one RED DOT!
That red dot will be me, cause this girl ain’t never goin’ white!!!!!!!
I’ll even smear red lipstick all over my face, just for the occasion.

I want my husband to be happy. That’s very important to me but
I had to think of some way to make this a happy situation for me, also.

I need to stand in rivers. Casting to trout with my 3 and 4wt rods. Fishing my Jailbird, or matching the Hendrickson hatch…I like mountains, The smell of pine, the smell of someone’s fireplace going.  I am NOT big on the ocean.

I like fishing with my husband on his boat. Going for strippers and blues, on the holidays, once in a while, but NOT ALL THE TIME!
After a few days of thinking about an exit plan…….EURIKA! I GOT IT! 

I went to Tony with..The compromise. I’ll get a “Class C” Camper (17-20 ft) so I can tow my Honda Element. I’ll travel across the country and fish the rivers I always wanted to fish.
I’ll promote myself to fishing clubs, TU Chapter, and such. I will offer power point programs, as I’ve been doing. This way I might be able to subsidize the costs of being on the road.  
I’ll be able to go west and see family, and friends I haven't see seen in years. I'm happy and Tony's happy.  HE AGREED!!!!
I took a deep breath and decided…okay, I’ll be calm and I’ll look around and see what’s out there.  Surprisingly, we found several that had our wish list.

After a few trips to Florida, Tony and I found a double-wide in a nice community, in Palmetto.
Since we closed, Tony took the majority of our things down to Florida. The rest will go to the Cape, when we sell the house. The house will go on the market, after July. That's why I'm going to have a short season.

We found a 22ft Coachman Camper for me to do my thing. I will also be able to camp on the Farmy, or where ever else I am working without the back and forth to the Cape, which would be 1.5 hr drive, one way.

So, we are on schedule, my season starts May first, and booking very fast.



Here is the main reason why;
I'm not ready to give up guiding my long time clients...
I love them too much to say good-bye.
I’ll know if I be able to continue the guide service, the following year. For now it's what I want to do.
The MFG. Product stickers will be all over the camper and I will continue to support them, anyway I can. 
Sadly, I will no longer be doing the shows.
No need to now, and I'll save the cost of the booths, gas, overnights, food, plus I'll be down in Florida, or cross country at that time of year.

I want to say THANK YOU, to those of you. The people who run the shows, and to the clients I’ve taught, and guided for.
I think of many of you as family and you mean the world to me.. You have been so caring, gracious, and generous to me.
It's because of all of you, your support, and referrals, that I was able to grow my business, for the last 25+ years.

To all of the tiers at the International and Somerset shows, you mean the world to me. I’ll make the International, in the next few years, and pull my camper up to Nancy Hopping’s in the parking lot at the Doubletree!!!
God bless you and your families and I know your show season will be a fantastic one.


Marla, AKA Mylar

In other news;

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